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Ade Molajo is a digital partnership manager. Additionally, he is a venture scout at multiple funds and investment collectives focused on Web3 investments. With ten years of digital experience in various London firms, he has led and implemented a wealth of transformation projects in consultancies such as PwC and Deloitte. He made his first foray into the startup world while working for Future Energy Ventures where he was instrumental in the business model transformation of a failing automotive startup that went on to achieve subsequent profitability. As a thought leader, his work has been featured by PwC, GGI and Vanguard. He has a BSc from the University of Liverpool and an MSc from King’s College London.

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Ade has proven his blockchain knowledge several times and was able to position himself as an evangelist after a short time. He has the great ability to explain complex blockchain topics in a simple and entertaining way.

– Kerstin Eichmann, Vice President Partnerships & Managing Director – E. ON Innovation

It was a real pleasure to meet Ade – he quickly understood the problem we’re looking to solve and clearly shared a similar passion for impact. Ade has been really helpful in facilitating introductions to potential investors/technology hires. In one example, he went above and beyond to schedule a joint call and support with follow-ups when this initially fell through. This was unexpected but much appreciated and demonstrates that he genuinely cares about the outcomes of his introductions.

Ren Yi Hooi, CEO- Lightning Social Ventures

Hands-on experience of working with, advising, and growing early-stage businesses is [the] management team’s edge in identifying exciting investment opportunities of high-growth tech businesses. 

Matias Wibowo, Investment Manager at ClearlySo

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